Provisional results from todays races can be found here for the Classic –
Remember the word PROVISIONAL 🙂 if you have any timing queries then please contact as always – Full On Sport and the guys and girls will be more than helpful in getting your time sorted out.  Thanks for a great days racing kids, see you at the next one x
Weymouth Sprint
Weymouth Sprint 201138.9 KiB1028
Weymouth Sprint 201240.6 KiB970
Weymouth Sprint 201343.0 KiB1508
Weymouth Sprint 201445.7 KiB1033
Weymouth Sprint 2015 42.5 KiB862
Weymouth Sprint 201638.1 KiB103


Weymouth Classic
Weymouth Classic 200847.6 KiB616
Weymouth Classic 200954.1 KiB1008
Weymouth Classic 201072.1 KiB966
Weymouth Classic 201160.2 KiB863
Weymouth Classic 201245.0 KiB962
Weymouth Classic 201358.2 KiB1216
Weymouth Classic 201475.4 KiB1345
Weymouth Classic 201561.6 KiB1148
Weymouth Classic 201662.4 KiB133


Any queries over timing please contact They will be more than helpful.